ISSUE 4: January 2019

ISSUE 4: January 2019

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Issue 4 Contents

Cover Art: “Departure” by Jon Stubbington
Notes From the Editor
900 Seconds of Cognizance and Counting by Krystal Claxton Free to Read
Out of the Bag by Floris M. Kleijne
Arabella and the Spiders by KT Wagner
That Last Thin Shout by Lina Rather
Naked Skin, Fearful Metal by Matthew Bailey
What Will You Offer? by Mark Salzwedel
Hold On by Jeff Soesbe
Christmas GI Joes by Larry Hodges
To Jettison Forty-Two Kilograms by Jonathan Bronico
Beneath the Blood Moon by Zoey Xolton
Shades of a Dream by Laura Davy
The Man Who Has to Die by Steven Fischer
Lydia's Last Wish by Edd Vick
Sarah's Little Monster Hunter by Dawn Bonanno
The Last Human on Earth by Kyra Worrell and Theresa Barker

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