ISSUE 5: April 2019

ISSUE 5: April 2019

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Issue 5 Contents

Cover Art: “Reflection” by Emily McCosh

Notes From the Editor   
At Belleview House by Harold R. Thompson
Seedling by V. Medina
Forward, into Violet Sunset by Deborah L. Davitt
Unnoticed by K.G. Anderson  Free to Read
A Sea of Mauve and Lavender and Eyestalks by Alexis A. Hunter
The Last Time You'll See Me. The First Time We'll Meet. By Stephen S. Power
The Lights of Wonderland by Rebecca Birch
LIVE NUDE DEATH by Patrick Barb
Donut Dimension by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
Recommended By All Good Mortgage Lenders by Helen French
Power Juice! by Andrey Pissantchev
Remember, Remember by Kat Otis

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