Notes From the Editor

If Issue 1 brought me excitement, releasing Issue 2 brings me joy.  It means we are still going strong and people want to read us.  Issue 1 brought a lot of success, at one point crashing our website for about ten minutes.  That was exciting, but also terrifying.  It proves that the issue was more successful than we could imagine, but also provided a lesson: Be prepared to adapt.

It may seem early to be thinking of things to come, but we have to ready to explore those options. Questions have already come our way about the future of this magazine.  Not all of them have answers just yet.  One thing we can say, we look forward to publishing for many years to come.

The focus of this issue was more great flash fiction.  We have a couple of names from last issue, as well as some well known names in the genre. I hope you enjoy the second issue.

Happy Reading,

Richard Flores IV



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