Issue 3: October 2018

“Celestial Body” by Mariana Palova

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Issue 3 Contents

Cover Art: “Celestial Body” by Mariana Palova
Notes From the Editor
A Place Without Seasons by Y.M. Pang
At Least No One Else Will Suffer by Dawn Vogel
Shackles by Adam Fout
The Lost God-Warriors of Dhujapur by David VonAllmen
Contingencies by Sarah Hogg
Exchange by Katherine Quevedo
The Astounding Life of Penny Wu by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
A Salamander’s Wisdom by Rebecca Birch
The Red Goddess by Melanie Rees
Apples for the Future by Jamie Lackey
Becoming the Morrigan by Deborah L. Davitt
The Space Between Octobers by Wendy Nikel  Free to Read
Murder, Martyr, Maybe by Shannon Fay
Partitions by Robert S. Wilson
Time Waits for One Man by Aeryn Rudel
Death Remembers by Brynn MacNab