What’s Coming Next!

Factor Four Magazine is a brand new magazine set to release in April 2018.

Factor Four Magazine will be a quarterly magazine featuring flash fiction stories from the Speculative Fiction realm.  We will publish stories you can read on the go in either print, eReader, and or right here on our website.  Some of our issues will carry a certain theme, while others will just be a random selection from the genre.

What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative Fiction is a broad term to accompany several genres.  Factor Four will focus on four of these genres.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Super Hero.  Genre lines are very hard to define at times, so we hope to keep things a bit fuzzy when it comes to the definition of each of those.  You may even find a few stories blend several genres together.

What is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is traditionally thought of to be stories that are 1,000 words or smaller.  We may very well stretch that word count a little if the mood strikes us. The great thing about Flash Fiction is that these are satisfying stories packaged up in  a bite size format.  Great to read on the commuter train, during your lunch break at work, or while waiting for soccer practice to end.

What are we going to get in each issue?

The details are still being ironed out.  But we know a few things for sure.  First, we will be providing professional quality fiction.  Second, we will be putting sixteen stories in each issue.  Third, we plan to get top quality cover art to wow our audiences.  Beyond that, we just aren’t sure.  We are considering publishing book reviews and/or movie reviews within the genre.  We are also considering other non-fiction elements.  But those are all up in the air.  The main focus of Factor Four Magazine will be to provide quality fiction.

I want to be a part, what can I do?

If you are a speculative fiction writer, or artist, submissions will open on December 1, 2017. We expect to have our guidelines up within the coming weeks.  If you are a reader of the genres, you can expect subscription information to come up in January 2018.  If you want to be an editor with our team, you can visit the volunteer page.  That is expected to get updated in early November.

Donation information and advertise information is expected to come up in early December, if not sooner.

Who’s behind this magazine?

This magazine is being launched by Richard Flores IV.  Richard is an award winning magazine editor that published Plasma Frequency for several years.  Plasma Frequency was the winner of several reader’s choice awards. Richard is also a Speculative Fiction author and avid reader of the genre.  His favorite form of short fiction is flash fiction because he admires the ability to craft a well written story in so few words.  You can find out more about Richard at www.floresfactor.com