ISSUE 6: July 2019

ISSUE 6: July 2019

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Issue 6 Contents

Cover Art: “Imperator” by Holly Heisey

Notes From the Editor  
Five Candles for the Apocalypse by Michelle Muenzler
Doors by Jenny Rae Rappaport
Monochromatic Mandate by Milo James Fowler
The Definitions of Professional Attire by Evergreen Lee Free to Read
Hypoxia in Three-Quarter Time by Robert Minto
The Deep Down by Anna Zumbro
Correction by Adam Fout
Butterfly of the Apocalypse by Adam Gaylord
Smallpox Ate the Americas Once by Leon Perniciaro
Livin’ Doll by Maureen Bowden
An Android’s Guide to Deciphering Emotions by George Nikolopoulos
To the Woods Is The Wizard Gone by Fred Coppersmith