Issues are listed here from most recent to oldest.

Cover art by Michelle St. James

Issue 23: May 2023

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Dear Poh Poh by Melissa Ren
Two Body Problem by Marie Vibbert
The Tides of Love by Douglas Schwarz
The Sense of Memory by Danielle Woodgate

Cover Art by Hawthorn Berry

Issue 22: April 2023

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The Final Escape by Christine Amsden
Silver Soul and Shining Wings by Andrew Knighton
Alternative Mechanic by Victoria Brun
Soba Dee’s Epiphany by M.W. Irving

Cover Art by Juan Agustín Correa Torrealba

Issue 21: March 2023

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The Book of Elevated Things by Stephen Kotowych
Teetering On a Connection by Emmie Christie
Someone Who Was Loved by Craig Church
The Weeping Oni by Gordon Linzner

Cover Art by Jordan Singh

Issue 20: February 2023

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Parachute by Marlaina Cockcroft
Free To Be Forgotten by Leila Murton Poole
Primordially Yours by C. L. Sidell
Scales by Vera Brook

Cover Art by Mystics Art Design

Issue 19: January 2023

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Woman Made of Stars by Johnathon Heart
Life Insurance by Shih-Li Kow
Unfair by Malcolm Todd
Coffee Fiend by Aeryn Rudel

Cover art by Alan Frijns
Cover Art by Junnifer Baya

Issue 17: November 2022

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How To Speak To Monkey by Doug Lane
Where Wishes Grow by Matt Krizan
The Love of Her Life by Astrid N. Wright
The Trouble with Norbels by Sandra Skalski

Cover Art by Stefan Keller

Issue 16: October 2022

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Rites by Rich Larson
The Breaker of Tropes by Stephen C. Curro
Borrowed Breath and Starlit Scales by Erin L. Swann
The Inside of the Outside by Angus McIntyre

Cover Art by Jim Cooper

Issue 15: September 2022

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Between the Lines by Jennifer Hudak
The Spaces Between by Josephine Sarvaas
Spacemaid by Robert Bagnall
A Theory of Light by A. R. Frederiksen

Cover Art by Mark Frost

Issue 14: August 2022

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Star Drinking by Michael A. Reed
This Story is Gluten-Free by Sarina Dorie
Metaforming by Peter S. Drang
You, But Only Sometimes by Leah Ning

Cover Art by Michelle St. James

Issue 13: July 2022

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Stormeye Wormhole by Adam Lee Weatherford
Memories In Winter by Rebecca Birch
Blue Line on a Winter’s Night by Sam W Pisciotta
The Doll Mender by Hayley Stone

Cover Art by Darkmoon_Art

Issue 12: June 2022

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The Mission Continues by Brent Baldwin
A Hero’s Departure by E. J. Nowicki
The Burning Sea by Bennett North
The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward by David Hankins

“Shadow Federation” by atrtink covers

Issue 11: May 2022

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One Question by Helen E Davis

With a Palette of Rock and Magma by Carol Scheina

The Devil and Deep Space by Alice Towey

Dragon Dealer by Hugh J. O’Donnell

“Space Colony Eclipse” by Anselmo J. Alliegro

Issue 10: April 2022

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Call of the Sea by T. R. Siebert

The Ghost of You Lingers by Glen Engel-Cox

Shave and a Haircut by Charlotte Platt

Minor Magics of Chinatown by Wen Wen Yang

Cover Art: “Planet” by Creative Paramita

Issue 9: March 2022

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A Book in Winter by Michael Haynes

The Glassblower by Helen French

The Usurious Mechanic by Heather Kilbourn

Wash the World Away by Wendy Nikel

Cover Art: “Tale of a Dragon” by Karri Klawiter

Issue 8: February 2022

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Fran’s Ghost by E. J. Nowicki

Guttation, Transformation by Devin Miller

to come when called, to cry when required by Cara Mast

Here Come the Demons by RJ Taylor

Cover Art: “The Wave” by Creative Paramita

Issue 7: January 2022

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Kiss Me in the Rain by Sandy Parsons

Far Off Beauty by Emmie Christie

Child, Remembering by Rebecca Birch

The Tangled Web by Patrick Hurley

Cover Art: “Imperator” by Holly Heisey

Issue 6: July 2019

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Notes From the Editor
Five Candles for the Apocalypse by Michelle Muenzler
Doors by Jenny Rae Rappaport
Monochromatic Mandate by Milo James Fowler
The Definitions of Professional Attire by Evergreen Lee
Hypoxia in Three-Quarter Time by Robert Minto
The Deep Down by Anna Zumbro
Correction by Adam Fout
Butterfly of the Apocalypse by Adam Gaylord
Smallpox Ate the Americas Once by Leon Perniciaro
Livin’ Doll by Maureen Bowden
An Android’s Guide to Deciphering Emotions by George Nikolopoulos
To the Woods Is The Wizard Gone by Fred Coppersmith

Cover Art: “Reflection” by Emily McCosh

Issue 5: April 2019

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Notes From the Editor   

At Belleview House by Harold R. Thompson

Seedling by V. Medina

Forward, into Violet Sunset by Deborah L. Davitt

Unnoticed by K.G. Anderson

A Sea of Mauve and Lavender and Eyestalks by Alexis A. Hunter

The Last Time You’ll See Me. The First Time We’ll Meet. By Stephen S. Power

The Lights of Wonderland by Rebecca Birch

LIVE NUDE DEATH by Patrick Barb

Donut Dimension by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Recommended By All Good Mortgage Lenders by Helen French

Power Juice! by Andrey Pissantchev

Remember, Remember by Kat Otis

“Departure” by Jon Stubbington

Issue 4: January 2019

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Notes From the Editor

900 Seconds of Cognizance and Counting by Krystal Claxton

Out of the Bag by Floris M. Kleijne

Arabella and the Spiders by KT Wagner

That Last Thin Shout by Lina Rather

Naked Skin, Fearful Metal by Matthew Bailey

What Will You Offer? by Mark Salzwedel

Hold On by Jeff Soesbe

Christmas GI Joes by Larry Hodges

To Jettison Forty-Two Kilograms by Jonathan Bronico

Beneath the Blood Moon by Zoey Xolton

Shades of a Dream by Laura Davy

The Man Who Has to Die by Steven Fischer

Lydia’s Last Wish by Edd Vick

Sarah’s Little Monster Hunter by Dawn Bonanno

The Last Human on Earth by Kyra Worrell and Theresa Barker

Cover Art by Mariana Palova

ISSUE 3: October 2018

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Notes From the Editor
A Place Without Seasons by Y.M. Pang
At Least No One Else Will Suffer by Dawn Vogel
Shackles by Adam Fout
The Lost God-Warriors of Dhujapur by David VonAllmen
Contingencies by Sarah Hogg
Exchange by Katherine Quevedo
The Astounding Life of Penny Wu by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
A Salamander’s Wisdom by Rebecca Birch
The Red Goddess by Melanie Rees
Apples for the Future by Jamie Lackey
Becoming the Morrigan by Deborah L. Davitt
The Space Between Octobers by Wendy Nikel
Murder, Martyr, Maybe by Shannon Fay
Partitions by Robert S. Wilson
Time Waits for One Man by Aeryn Rudel
Death Remembers by Brynn MacNab

Cover Art: “Celestial City” by Tais Teng

ISSUE 1: April 2018

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Notes From the Editor
The Deadline by Brian K. Lowe
Presently Me by Krystal Claxton
How People Died When the World Was New by Natalia Theodoridou
Aural Love by L.L. Madrid
Do Not Go Gentle by Wendy Nikel
She Glitters in the Dark by Matt Dovey
Bystanding by Jonathan Laidlow
Moon Man 13 by Brenda Kalt
Memoirs of a One-Time Dragon-Slayer’s Apprentice by George Nikolopoulos
From Now Until Infinity by Karen Bovenmyer
Phoenix, Fallen by Rebecca Birch
Doorkeeper by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Just Another Night on Telegraph by Karl Dandenell
A Right Angle to Here and Now by Floris M. Kleijne
A Mind Of Its Own by Jeff Soesbe
Our Weight on Other Worlds by Beth Goder