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Cover Art: “Imperator” by Holly Heisey

Issue 6: July 2019

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Notes From the Editor
Five Candles for the Apocalypse by Michelle Muenzler
Doors by Jenny Rae Rappaport
Monochromatic Mandate by Milo James Fowler
The Definitions of Professional Attire by Evergreen Lee
Hypoxia in Three-Quarter Time by Robert Minto
The Deep Down by Anna Zumbro
Correction by Adam Fout
Butterfly of the Apocalypse by Adam Gaylord
Smallpox Ate the Americas Once by Leon Perniciaro
Livin’ Doll by Maureen Bowden
An Android’s Guide to Deciphering Emotions by George Nikolopoulos
To the Woods Is The Wizard Gone by Fred Coppersmith

Cover Art: “Reflection” by Emily McCosh

Issue 5: April 2019

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“Departure” by Jon Stubbington

Issue 4: January 2019

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ISSUE 3: October 2018

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Notes From the Editor
A Place Without Seasons by Y.M. Pang
At Least No One Else Will Suffer by Dawn Vogel
Shackles by Adam Fout
The Lost God-Warriors of Dhujapur by David VonAllmen
Contingencies by Sarah Hogg
Exchange by Katherine Quevedo
The Astounding Life of Penny Wu by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
A Salamander’s Wisdom by Rebecca Birch
The Red Goddess by Melanie Rees
Apples for the Future by Jamie Lackey
Becoming the Morrigan by Deborah L. Davitt
The Space Between Octobers by Wendy Nikel
Murder, Martyr, Maybe by Shannon Fay
Partitions by Robert S. Wilson
Time Waits for One Man by Aeryn Rudel
Death Remembers by Brynn MacNab

Cover Art: “Sunset City” by Holly Heisey

ISSUE 2: July 2018

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Notes From the Editor
Spare Parts by Brynn MacNab
We Live in Dreams and All the Dreams Are Dying by Michael Haynes
Adaptation by Jennifer R. Povey
For the Next Curator by Helen French
Tears Not Lost to Time by Chris Behrsin
Thought Adjuster by D. J. Moore
Half Prince by Chloe Garner
Leap Day by Mandi Jourdan
Peace in the Valley by Rebecca Birch
The Bee Who Would Not Dance by Thomas K. Carpenter
Okuritsuridashi by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
Move Fast and Break Things by Beth Goder
Evilla, Mistress of Pestilence, Queen of Consumption, Bringer of Death Must Regretfully Decline Your Invitation to Be Another Tortured Antihero by Garrett Croker
When the Tides Bring You Back by Hayley Stone
The Half-Life of a Broken Heart by N.R. Lambert
A Single Dad’s Guide to Things That Go Bump in the Night by Sarina Dorie

ISSUE 1: April 2018

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Notes From the Editor
The Deadline by Brian K. Lowe
Presently Me by Krystal Claxton
How People Died When the World Was New by Natalia Theodoridou
Aural Love by L.L. Madrid
Do Not Go Gentle by Wendy Nikel
She Glitters in the Dark by Matt Dovey
Bystanding by Jonathan Laidlow
Moon Man 13 by Brenda Kalt
Memoirs of a One-Time Dragon-Slayer’s Apprentice by George Nikolopoulos
From Now Until Infinity by Karen Bovenmyer
Phoenix, Fallen by Rebecca Birch
Doorkeeper by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Just Another Night on Telegraph by Karl Dandenell
A Right Angle to Here and Now by Floris M. Kleijne
A Mind Of Its Own by Jeff Soesbe
Our Weight on Other Worlds by Beth Goder