You can support Factor Four Magazine is a number of ways here are some of the options. As a free to read magazine that pays professional rates, we are 100% funded through donations and Richard’s personal finances. Your support can help increase out readership, provide monetary support, and increase visibility for our authors.


Donations go directly into the magazine’s budget to publish issues. You can learn more about donations here.

Anthology Sales

At the end of the publication year, and for a limited time, Factor Four Magazine sells print and eReader anthologies. This is the only way to get our stories in print. We share royalties with of the sales with the authors in the anthology. Check out our anthologies here.

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Our Editor and Chief is a Twitch Streamer, and with that he has a merchandise store. The store has items with Factor Four Magazine’s logo, cover art, and other products. All sales at the store go to his publishing budget, including that of Factor Four Magazine. You can shop all his products here.

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As we said above, Richard is a Twitch streamer. Not only can you drop by and ask him questions about writing, you can also subscribe, donate, or leave bits to help support the magazine’s efforts. All of his earning there go back into his publishing budget, including that of Factor Four Magazine. To check out Richard’s Twitch channel and to follow go here.

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