Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is finally happening and I am practically jumping out of my chair to get this issue out to everyone.  Publishing is no easy task, and I have learned a lot since publishing my first magazine.  I took the knowledge and lessons learned with me to create my first professional publication, Factor Four Magazine.

Why flash fiction? I wanted to create a magazine that presented bite size fiction.  Fiction you could read while on a short bus trip, on your 10 minute break at work, or while waiting for your kids to get out of school.  I wanted strong and fulfilling stories to fill those small gaps in our busy lives.

But also, flash fiction is an art form all itself.  Telling a story is such a low word count is hard to do, but many authors are mastering the craft.  Another magazine buying these stories only gives more avenues for the authors to reach a broader audience.

Our issues will be published quarterly, and our next issue is already filling up with some great stories.  You can subscribe to our issues in print, online, and for eReaders.  Or, individual issues can always be purchased through a retail partner of ours.

If you enjoy this magazine, and I am sure you will, please tell a friend.  To find our more, please visit us online:

Thank you to the authors out there, and not just those included in this issue, for your precious works of art.  Keep writing, the world needs a good story.

Happy Reading,

Richard Flores IV

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