Notes from the Editor

I had some rough, personal news to start 2019, and I began this note with that on my mind.  But I don’t wish to dwell on what has happened already but on what is coming up next.  Namely, what is next for this publication.

This is our first issue of the year. Our next will be a 1 year anniversary.  And I have set a goal for 2019, to reach 1,000 subscribers.  Why 1,000? Well, already this year I was contacted by the Science Fiction Writer’s of America.  And while we check most of the boxes, we don’t check the subscriber’s box just yet.  So hopefully we can very soon.

On the topic of SFWA, they recently announced they will be raising the established pro-rate to 8 cents per word to be a qualifying publication.  That is amazing news.  Factor Four Magazine, as well as many others, already pay authors at this rate.  I can’t wait to see others join us.  This change comes in September 2019. 

Already amazing things are happening in 2019. 

Happy Reading,

Richard Flores IV


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