Notes From The Editor

Notes from the Editor

One year ago we published the first issue of Factor Four Magazine.  I was nervous about starting a flash fiction publication.  I knew I loved to read science fiction and fantasy that was short and bite sized.  There is something to be admired in the ability to tell a fulfilling story in so few words.  I still see it as an art all its own.  But just because I like something, didn’t mean the world would.

But, it turns out I was worried for nothing, as the reader and writer seem to have embraced us.  We have some milestones we’d like to achieve, namely in increasing our reader base.  In just a few weeks, we gained more subscriber income in 2019 than in all of 2018.  I hope that is a sign of our continued success.  Please consider a subscription, I’ve strived to make them as reasonably priced as I can.

I was asked last week what plans I have next.  The main goal of this next year of publication will be to spread the word about our publication.  You can help, give us a share on social media, do a review of our magazine, blog posts are always welcome, and of course keep reading.

Happy Reading,

Richard Flores IV


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