Notes From the Editor

In just a few days I’ll be attending SpikeCon, this year’s NASFiC, out in Utah. As I push to get this issue ready before attending, I received my schedule of panels.  One of which is the topic of Flash Fiction.  I continue to try to push more panels on the topic of this great form of fiction, and I look forward to the discussion to be had.

I love attending conventions.  There is much to be learned and I often see old friends and make new ones.  SpoCon in Spokane last year was especially fruitful for me.  I made some great friends there and I look forward to seeing them again this year.  Also, SpoCon got me back into speaking at panels.

If there is one thing I enjoy more than attending panels, it is being on panels.  I love sharing with the enthusiastic fans.  I also have found that the large national and international conventions are a blast, but the local ones are more close knit.  They both offer a great environment.  Plus, local cons allow you to get the con experience but without some of the travel costs.

So I encourage you to attend your local cons.  Support fandom.  And if you’d like to see me attend one of your conventions, feel free to suggest my name.  I always look forward to seeing the amazing fandoms out there!

Happy Reading,

Richard Flores IV


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